We are pleased to present our exclusive product, the folded "Trees" pendant set (item number:9630). This unique home accessory is not only a perfect addition to your Christmas range, but also an example of how design and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Our beautiful three-piece pendant set, made from green paper with gold trim, will bring a festive flair to any room. They are approximately 8cm tall and their compact size makes them the perfect accessory for decorating Christmas trees, gifts or even as a decoration for your shop window. The tree pendant is foldable, making it easy to store and transport, also ideal for online sales.

The design of the "Trees" tag set is minimalist and elegant. The use of green paper with a gold edge adds an upscale touch, perfect for celebrating the festive season. Green also symbolises renewal and growth, both of which are values that we see anchored in our vision of a sustainable and future-oriented society.

Caring for the pendant is easy. As it is made of paper, all that is required is gentle handling. And when the festive season is over, the tag can simply be folded up and stored safely until it is needed again next year.

We also offer this enchanting three-piece set for our stationary retailers in the B2B sector via our online shop. Our product descriptions are search engine optimised to ensure high visibility on the Internet.

Summarised here are the most important points about our "Trees" pendant set:

- Enchanting, three-piece pendant set made of foldable, green paper with a gold edge.
- Perfect for decorating Christmas trees, gifts or as shop window decorations.
- Easy to care for and store.
- Minimalist and elegant design.
- Offered in the B2B sector for stationary retail in the home and lifestyle sector.

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