Immerse yourself in a warm, golden Christmas atmosphere with our 'Festival' LED light tree. Our item number: 8257 is an incredibly charming addition to any room during the festive season. Made from a mixture of metal and plastic, this unusual Christmas decoration helps to create an accentuated and unique ambience.

The LED light tree is around 48 cm high, a perfect size for a table decoration or in combination with other Christmas decorations. With its gold-coloured shimmer, it reflects the light of the LED, creating a Christmas sparkle that brings the warmth and magic of the festive season into your home.

Battery operated, this LED light tree offers the ability to create harmonious lighting in any corner of the room without the need for a power socket nearby. You can effortlessly move and reposition it to achieve the desired lighting experience at any time.

The "Festival" LED light tree is not only a visual highlight, but also an excellent choice for environmentally conscious users. This is because LED lights are known for their low energy consumption and long service life, making them a more environmentally friendly lighting solution.

Our LED light tree is a must-have product for stationary retail in the home and lifestyle sector. It appeals to customers looking for high-quality, modern yet traditional Christmas decorations. It is the perfect accessory to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere and accentuate the festive ambience in any setting.


- Item number: 8257
- Product type: "Festival" LED light tree
- Material: Mixture of metal/plastic
- Colour: Gold
- Height: approx. 48 cm
- Drive: Battery operated
- Season: Christmas
- Energy-efficient thanks to LED technology

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