Discover our "CHRISTMAS TREE" CLAMPS in the 7845 series for the coming Christmas season and enrich your range. This special 6-piece set impresses with its individual design and high-quality glass production. With a size of approx. 9.5 cm, every Christmas tree becomes an unmistakable eye-catcher with these beautiful clips.

The "CHRISTMAS TREE" clasps are artistic and detailed decorative elements that will adorn any tree in style. Thanks to their fine material and precise workmanship, they radiate a special elegance. Each clip is individual and helps to enhance and personalise your Christmas decorations.

The "CHRISTMAS TREE" clasps are suitable for any type of Christmas tree - whether natural or artificial, small or large. They are easy to attach and durable, so they will remain in perfect condition throughout the coming Christmas season.

Offer your customers the opportunity to express their personal Christmas style and rely on our CLAMPS "CHRISTMAS TREE" set. They are an ideal gift for anyone who likes to decorate their home in a unique and special way. Exchange ideas with your customers and decorate unforgettable trees together.

Our "CHRISTMAS TREE" CLAMPS (item 7845) are more than just decorative objects. They are the icing on the cake for every Christmas tree and make the most wonderful time of the year even more special.

Product features:
1. 6-piece set
2. high quality glass
3. individual design
4. approx. 9.5 cm tall
5. suitable for all types of Christmas trees

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