Add a special touch to the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas, with the "SANTA" S/3 CHRISTMAS BAGS, item number 7230. This 3-piece set includes red-coloured Christmas sacks, made from durable and natural jute. With a handy size of approx. 30x25 cm, each sack offers enough space for lovingly selected Christmas presents.

This charming product has been specially designed for our target group - the home and lifestyle retail trade. With an authentic "Santa" design, the sacks come in a red and white colour scheme to complete the nostalgic Santa look. These Christmas sacks are not just gift wrapping, but also create a festive atmosphere and decorate your home or business during the festive season.

The robust jute material not only provides a natural aesthetic, but also makes the bags reusable and durable. This makes them not only an environmentally friendly option, but also offers sustainable added value.

Whether as a decorative accessory for the shop window in your retail shop, as a highlight of your Christmas product range or as a lovingly wrapped Christmas gift for your customers - our "Santa" Christmas sacks are sure to generate enthusiasm. A must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality, nostalgic and practical solution for packaging their Christmas gifts.

Use the Christmas season to offer your customers a unique Christmas experience with the 3-piece set of "Santa" Christmas sacks. With their traditional charm, they express the joy of gift-giving and make your customers' hearts beat faster.

The key features of the CHRISTMAS BAGS "SANTA" S/3, article number 7230:

- Traditional "Santa" design in red and white colour scheme to underscore the Christmas spirit.
- Made from robust and hard-wearing jute material: durable and reusable.
- 3-piece set with a size of approx. 30x25 cm per bag: offers enough space for presents.
- Ideal as Christmas decoration and practical gift packaging for retail.
- Meets the standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly retail.
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