Bring a fairytale glamour to your Christmas decorations with the 3-piece "GLITZERZAPFEN "GLORY" set. These enchanting cone-shaped pendants, item number 6236, are more than just Christmas decorations. They are festive accents that captivate with their design and shimmering appearance.

The set contains three glitter cones made of robust polystyrene, which are coated with a brown layer of glitter. Each cone is approx. 23 cm long and is easy to attach thanks to the integrated hanging loop.

The glittering brown colour makes the "GLORY" cones a special eye-catcher in your seasonal decorations. They are perfect for adding to a Christmas tree or a festive arrangement. They can be used as individual highlights or in combination with other decorative elements.

The GLITZERZAPFEN "GLORY" offer a first-class sales item for stationary retail in the home and lifestyle sector at Christmas time. They are in line with the ongoing trend towards glamorous yet natural Christmas decorations and will appeal to a wide range of customers.

They also score points with their high quality, which is based on the use of robust polystyrene and hard-wearing glitter. This makes the cones not only visually appealing, but also durable and resistant.

Especially for online shops in the B2B sector, the "GLITZERZAPFEN "GLORY" are an attractive product that arouses interest and generates sales. Their uniqueness and festive charm ideally complement any Christmas range and help to increase sales during the Christmas season.

On points such as:

1st item number :6236.
2. article description: GLITZERZAPFEN "GLORY" S/3.
3. season: Christmas.
4. description: 3-piece set of pendants glitter cones in brown made of polystyrene and glitter.
5. length: approx. 23 cm.

The product is characterised by its high quality and outstanding design. These cones are not only an attractive decorative element, but also a successfully marketed product that is in demand at Christmas time.
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glitter cones glory s/3

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