Discover the "Fairy Angel" angel figurine set, one of the most enchanting collections we have ever offered. With item number: 5623, this charming 2-piece set of white angel figurines is a must-have for any home and lifestyle retailer. Made from high quality polyester and measuring approximately 16.5cm, these enchanting decorative pieces are perfect as seasonal additions for the festive season.

The Fairy Angel figurines emphasise the festive mood and add a touch of grace and beauty to any room. They have a meticulous and detailed finish and reflect a timeless, elegant style. These angel figurines are perfect for adorning Christmas trees, decorating shop windows or as gifts for your customers.

The white design of these angel figurines allows you to combine them with other Christmas decorations in a variety of ways. They can also be used on their own as a highlight in any place where they are placed. Made from durable and lightweight polyester, they are also easy to handle and store.

As a B2B retail partner, we understand that you need the best and most appealing items for your customers. That's why we offer products like the Fairy Angel angel figurines. By purchasing this high-quality 2-piece set, you have the opportunity to satisfy your customers and reach a wider audience at the same time.

Order the 2-piece set of Fairy Angel angel figurines now from our online shop under item number: 5623. Our SEO-optimised content makes it easier for you to search for and order the items.

The angel figurines "Fairy Angel" offer:

- A magical festive charm for your shop.
- An elegant white design that can be easily combined with other decorations.
- A careful and detailed finish.
- A practical size of 16.5 cm made of high-quality polyester - durable and easy to store.
- An appealing product presentation thanks to SEO-optimised content in our online shop.
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