Enhance the Christmas ambience in your retail shop with the "Fairy Angel" angel pendant. Item number 5622 is a magical combination of style and elegance that will help you create an enchanting atmosphere of joy and peace. This two-piece set is not only decorative, but also symbolic and represents the spirit of the season - a perfect addition to any Christmas assortment.

These angel pendants will add a delicate and elegant look to any room. Made from high-quality polyester, this 17 cm set comes in a carefully crafted design. In brilliant white, each Fairy Angel exudes a majestic appearance that will add a touch of aesthetics to Christmas.

Despite the fine details and high-quality materials, they are extremely durable thanks to their robust construction. They have been designed with great attention to detail and are therefore sure to catch everyone's eye. The beauty and grace of the Fairy Angel pendants will add a special touch to any Christmas decoration.

Each Fairy Angel pendant is light enough to hang and transport easily. They are easy to tie and position on a Christmas tree or other locations. Whether you run a retail business for home, lifestyle products or even fashion, these angel hangers are a great way to celebrate the season and spice up your festive decorations.

Increase your sales potential this holiday season and enhance your product line with the Fairy Angel two-piece hanger set. Not only are they a feast for the eyes, but they also make a lasting impression.

Product features at a glance:

1.White Fairy Angel Pendants:This two-piece set features a bright white look that reflects the beauty of the holiday season.
2. high quality polyester: Made of durable and high quality polyester that is known for its durability and elegant look.
3. lightweight: With their lightweight construction, these angel hangers are easy to handle and hang.
4) Versatile: They can be hung on Christmas trees, doors, windows and more and are perfect for most Christmas decorations.
5. retail partner suitable: Ideal for B2B customers, especially retail shops that offer home and lifestyle products.
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